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Calculators, eBooks, Templates

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much opportunity pursuits are costing you in time and money.

Know how much time and money you could be saving by ejecting from poor-fit deals.

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Territory Plan

Territory Planning Template (12 PPT Slides)

Use these slides to prioritize current opportunities, find gold in lost deals, prioritize target accounts, identify pipeline gaps, and set yourself up for peak revenue performance.

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eBook: The Seller's Guide to a Healthy Pipeline

Learn how to think about pipeline coverage, tips for keeping pipelines clean, what to track in a sales pipeline report, how to perform a pipeline analysis, and the future of healthy pipelines.

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Understanding ICP, Customer Personas, and Product-Market Fit with OpenGTM

In the landscape of modern GTM strategies, understanding the nuances of ICPs, buyer personas, customer personas, and product-market fit is crucial. These concepts are interrelated and form the backbone of effective GTM. 

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Transforming Sales Efficiency with Advanced Customer Insights: A New Era for GTM Growth

In today's competitive landscape, understanding deep customer attributes is not just an enhancement, but a necessity for driving revenue and improving efficiency across sales, marketing, revenue operations, and customer success. 

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